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Chesters Christmas Appeal

25 November 2014


This is how most of you will know me as the kitten yobs tried to drown in oil, but this is me now.


Thanks to my local Cats Protection Branch I was rescued and made a full recovery and am now a happy healthy cat.

Sadly in the 15mths since I was rescued things have got worse for the many feral and stray cats out there, just this week this little one was inches away from death suffering starvation and dehydration, but luckily Cats Protection volunteers were able to step in and help, he too touched peoples hearts and a very kind gentleman named Andrew immediately offered to cover not only all his vet costs but his vaccinations and sponsor him in his new home.

Collage 2014-11-08 10_54_52

So you see I know there are many kind hearted people out there!

Winter is upon us and I want to help more kitties like him and like I once was so I am today launching Chester’s Christmas Appeal to help the many strays and ferals my Cats Protection branch supports and helps each day.

Cats Protection Wear Valley and Darlington need all the help they can get, food donations can be dropped of at Unit 10D Dabble Duck Ind Est Shildon Co Durham DL4 2BD


Our wishlist http://www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/1JRL1YP6TURPL

our website www.wearvalley.cats.org.uk

our email catwomanmaz@gmail.com

My facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Chesterwearvalleyanddarlington

Please help us to help them!