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Thank You

07 December 2013
Thank You We would like to say a BIG Thank you to all the lovely people who help us by donating as without them we wouldn't be able to help the cats we help. 
This is by no means a complete list and if we missed your name off please accept my apologies and feel free to remind me catwomanmaz@gmail.com and I will include as I will be keeping this list regularly updated.

Thank you to the anonynous donors to our Just Giving Apeal http://www.justgiving.com/WearValleyandDarlington

Thank you Carol Mcarthur for the lovely scratch post which arrived today much appreciated. Also thanks for cat bed it didn't say who from but again much appreciated.

Thank you for the kitty presents Ruth and Barbara. Lovely box too. Much appreciated.

thank you Yvonne Hope donation via our just giving page http://www.justgiving.com/WearValleyandDarlington

Happy Xmas kitties, £20 to help the kitties better than buying crimbo cards x

Donation by Yvonne Hope on 02/12/13

Many Thanks Sandra for donation via our just giving page http://www.justgiving.com/WearValleyandDarlington
Hi, would like to donate 25.00 instead of buying Christmas cards again this year, merry Christmas :)
Donation by Sandra Wilkinson

Thank you to everyone who has given or sent from our wishlist gifts this week its really appreciated. Thank you David Young for milk from wishlist they love it. Thanks also to whoever gifted trap, dry kitten food and other sundries.

Thank you Jayne and Donna for starting off our Christmas kitty gifts they will love these.
Also thanks for the food Jayne and Donna, thank you to everyone else who has dropped food off at Marion or Julie and Vicky its greatly appreciated.

Thanks Amanda for food for ferals. Thanks also to Yvonne and all who put food in collection bin at Crook coop.
Thanks to Audrey ,Diane and Geoff for their support and food donations.

Thank you Diane White and everyone who sent gifts from our Amazon wishlist also Diane for raffle prize.  http://www.wearvalley.cats.org.uk/wearvalley/news/christmas-raffle-will-be-drawn-18th-december

As usual thanks to Ruth and Barbara of funeral care Shildon who also collects food for us.

Thank you to our knitters and crafters Cheryl and Emj for cat nip toys and tree decorations to sell also thanks to Karen Marley for hand made cards.

Of course another thank you to Marc for his fabulous donation. If I have missed thanking anyone please forgive me as my brain is getting old and forgetful:-)

A huge thank you to Marc from Switzerland for his fabulous donation, Marc read about us on POC website and his amazing gesture has absolutely blown us away. Thank You Marc you rock !!
read article here http://pictures-of-cats.org/recognition-for-outstanding-uk-cat-rescuers.html

and local press coverage here http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/local/darlington/10828996.REG_CHUNKY_Swiss_man_donates_hundreds_to_North_East_animal_charity_after_being_moved_by_its_plight_online/

Thank You so much Heather Eastwood for the gifts from our wishlist.

I an absolutely blown away by the kind hearted and generous Kelly Beckett an her mum Linda in fact the whole family.
Thank you so much for raising over £417 as well as cat food for Cats Protection an also for my fabulous flowers an chocolates xx

Many Thanks to Paul Whittle for gift of cat food from our wishlist.

Thanks to Sarah parker for bedding, a new cat bed , toys and tins of cat food.

Thank You Jayne for the donation and also for food etc, thank you Babz and Ruth for food and bedding also Thanks go to Christine Beasley for bedding etc greatly appreciated from you all. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated from our... wish list we really appreciate it and couldn't help all the kittens we have without you all. Thank you Lisa Empson too for cat food. If I have missed anyone please accept my apologies and a big thank you!

Thank You Diane White from beautybox.co.uk 2 huge bags of kitten food arrived last night and I see by delivery note more is still to come, much appreciated and will be gobbled up by hungry mouths , another 5 kittens due in today to join the 24 already in care, whoops missed 2 make that 26 :-) oh nearly forgot the other 4 a lady is caretaking till they are 6wks. phew we lose count as so many ....

Sorry I am late with a few Thank You so here goes, Thank you to, Jayne, Paul and Mathew for food, cat beds etc we really appreciate your support, thank you to whoever sent us the pro kolin from our wishlist, Thank You Barbara and Ruth for the cat bedding and food which is much appreciated, thank you to Diane Hall for the bedding, puppy pads food etc , thank you Cheryl Burr for knitting and selling cat toys for the branch funds once again we would be lost without everyone's  help. Am sure I have missed a few who have dropped off stuff at Julie too so a special BIG THANK YOU to all who support us. Its a struggle dealing with so many cats and kittens at this time of year but with your help we are just about coping!!

fudraising weekend (5 photos) 9th June
Many thanks to Silke Grace and Dave Grace for manning Darlington stand today and to Diane Hall and Jayne Burdess for manning Bishop Pets at home. grand total for the weekend collection including Diane name the dog is £418.82 !! well done all who helped! Amanda Ellison, Mavis Holroyd Cheryl Burr Vicky Williams

Thank you Mrs Bell for the Felix pouches which arrived Saturday, much appreciated.

a BIG thank you to Barbara for the food , blankets etc much appreciated

Thank you so much to Jayne, Paul and Mathew for all the food and the lovey cat bed, lucky happy kitties appreciate it very much!

We received some deliveries from our wish list yesterday, cat food, cat bed, wormer, thank you so much these are greatly appreciated and help us so much.

Many Thanks to everyone who donated via our collecting box in Vets 4 Pets, a special thanks to Diane Pallister for donation left at vets and of course big thanks to Vets 4 Pets.
Vets4Pets Darlington

Thank you to all who donated via our collection box in Wilson Vets Bishop Auckland.

Wilson Veterinary Group offers a full service practice catering for household pets with our main base at Bishop Auckland and branches at 1 Neville Parade Newton Aycliffe DL5 5DH and Dundas Street in SpennymoorDL16 6AS.

Wow what a great day for gifts, another HUGE thank you to Diane and Geoff Hall for the two brand new dog cages, ideal short term kitten holding pens these can be a life saver enabling a litter to be rescued and accommodated till foster space available.

Thank you so much Carol McArthur for this fantastic scanner, we just tried it out and its fabulous, so much better than the big clunky ones we have to use!

Thank you so much to those who donated from our wishlist, this morning arrived 4 igloo beds and 2x3 breeder pack dry food, delivery noted didn't state who from so HUGE THANK YOU as its much appreciated!!

Sorry delayed Thank You for February/March 2013

As Always a big THANK YOU to our regular supporters, Jayne, Ruth, Barbara, Diane, Janet and our  Volunteers for their dedication to helping cats in the area.

James Doloughan for cat food donated through our wishlist.

Ann Collins for  boxes of Felix sachets, her cat didn't like.

 Mrs Orme for cash donation

Steve Smith and Sue Simpson for selling cat nip mice on Steve's Jewellery stall and will be selling them again on April 7th Darlington Sunday Peoples Market.

Glenda from chocolate baroque thank you for the cat food, much appreciated.

HUGE Thank you yo Diane White from beautybox.co.uk for the cat meat which arrived last week and the supacat dry which arrived today, this is a big help and much appreciated!!

Many Thanks to Jane Taylor for donating cat litter, tins of food and bedding, much appreciated.

Thanks also to Dianne and Geoff Hall for feral food donated some hungry mouths are very grateful too.

Thank you Claire Bennett for donated items given to Yvonne, much appreciated.

Thank you so much to Dianne from beautybox.co.uk for a large donation of food, toys and goodies for the cats which she donated instead of having Birthday Presents for a special birthday!

Thank You Dianne and Geoff Hall for donation towards Georges vet Bill, much appreciated.

Thank You Sandra Darche for donating and setting up regular donation to the branch we really appreciate it.

Thank You James Doloughan for donating via our Just Giving appeal this is a great help.

Thank You Victoria Jones for also donating via Just Giving, we really are grateful.

Thank You Julie Childs for donating via our website, much appreciated.

Thank You Alison Murray Tennick for also donating via our website its gratefully received.

Thank You Suzanne Beardwell for donating via our website and also for donation from deceased family friend in lieu, once again we really appreciate the help.

Thank you our regular collectors and contributors Barbara Bates, Ruth Ockendon Laycock, Jayne, and Yvonne without whos support we would indeed struggle,
Thank you Babz and Ruth for blankets, food etc also Thanks to Phil from Filmar for re donating the Champagne he won in our Christmas auction.
Many thanks to Jayne and family for the cat food donated its greatly appreciated.

7/1/2013 Many thanks to Jane and family for the donated cat food, scratch boards and beautiful cat igloo, all greatly appreciated!!

Our volunteer Yvonne Hope has been busy raising awareness and support from her colleagues at work, Thank You for

Food from Lou Tremble for the ferrals,

Food donation from Northumbrian Water.

Food from the Co-op in Crook

£150.00 Alison Branton @ Northumbrian Water.

Igloo from ops and billing call centres at NW

21/12/2012 Thank You Paul Dowson for the gifts of food and warm bed from our wishlist, some lucky kittens appreciate it very much !!

thank you Lynn Briggs and Abby for the cuddly bed for cats from our wishlist http://amzn.to/LL1gTQ

Thank You Karen Thompson for donation of food.

Huge thank you to Carol McArthur for donations.

Thank you to Mr & Mrs McColl for all donated food from our wishlist.

To Lynn and John Briggs thank you for all donated good and towels and bedding etc too.

Thank You for Donation by Sharon Hogart who donated to feed a cat instead of sending Xmas cards this year, lovely gesture greatly appreciated.

Thank You Barbara Bates for the bottle of Champagne donated to auction for food for the ferals.

13/12/20012 A huge THANK YOU to Jane and son Mathew for all the food and gifts for the cats, the beds are lovely and Annie especially likes hers, please also accept my apologies for not posting thanks last time for all the goodies including wool, food, bedding, and toys.

8/12/2012 wishlist items James Wellbeloved food and self heating pet pad arrived today, greatly appreciated.

7/12/2012 thank you James Doloughan for food for our latest orphans it is greatly appreciated.

6/12/2012 Thank you Sandra Wilkinson for donating to us instead of sending Christmas cards this was a lovely and well appreciated gesture.

1/12/2012 Thank you to Sandra Darche and her husband who adopted ziggy for boxes of biscuits, boxes of sachets and tins of meat, greatly appreciated!

Thank You John and Lynn Briggs for donated goods.
Thank You Mavis Holroyd for continued food for ferals.
Thank You Kathleen Barker for dry kitten food via our Amazon wishlist
Thank You all who donate via food collecting bin in Crook and thank you to Yvonne for feral and other food as well as arranging food bin.
Thank you Jane and family for regular food an sundries donated.
Thank you Heather for lovely knitted blankets.

Thank You Barbara Bates and Ruth Ockendon Laycock for continuing collecting food and bedding which can be dropped of at Shildon Cooperative Funeral Care office, thanks also to Shildon thanks also to Shildon Cooperative Funeral Care for allowing this.

19/11/2012 Thank you Jan Oliver for donation via Just Giving, greatly appreciated.

Thank you Michelle Carr for donation just received, greatly appreciated.

Thank you Ruth and Barbara for cat food donations as well as bedding etc, greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks to John Beckett for donation just received via our website, greatly appreciated!

A huge Thank you to Dianne at http://www.beautyboxx.co.uk/shop/ for these fabulous Christmas treats for the cats, they will be dished out to our fosterers in time for Christmas some very lucky kittys!

14/11/2012 Thanks Claire Hunter for the 4 boxes of whisker sachets, Julie collected them, greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Many Thanks to Jane and Son Mathew

A pile up of goodies!

brand new feral shelter an straw to fill it thanks to Jane some warm ferals this winter!
thanks for scratch posts and feed mats Mathew

Christmas dinner for some of kittys

Many thanks Tracy Sanders for paypal donation, really appreciated!
Thank You Susan Marsh for just giving donation!
Thank you Michelle Richardson for just giving donation, much appreciated.
Many thanks Alan Jones for donation just received via paypal, much appreciated!

 Many thanks to Geoff Hall for making this fabulous feral shelter, greatly appreciated it will keep some industrial estate feral cats warm an dry this winter!

6/11/2012 Many Thanks to Mark Cater for all food sent from our wishlist, thanks to Barbara and Ruth for donating food and collecting bedding, thank you Diane form beautybox.co.uk for donation from sales of lip glosses, Jane and son Matthew once again a big thanks for food and all the other goodies you keep getting us for the cats, Thanks to Dianne and Geoff Hall for food donated and for making feral shelter this is fabulous! Thanks to Audrey for stuff donated for selling on our stalls. Thank you to all our volunteers for working so tirelessly trying to help as many cats as we possibly can with limited resources. To our branch knitters Cheryl, Emj and Helen for doing so well knitting and selling cat nip mice and now the santa claws. Thank You Mavis for joining the feral feeding rota. Thanks Cheryl for cat food. Thanks to Carol McArthur for continued support. To anyone whose name we haven't added who has dropped food at Julie a big Thank you too! The Cats and us all appreciate everyone support as without we just cant do what we do. Also a huge Thank you to my long suffering husband Steven:-).

Thanks to Carol Mcarthur for 92 sachets of adult food and generous monetary donation.

Thank You to Mark Cater and Amanda Smith for Donations given through our Just Giving Page.

Thank You Mark Cater for the generous gifts from our Amazon Wishlist, they are amazing and we are so grateful, all our volunteers and the cats really appreciate the food supplies.

Jane who donates so much to us has once again excelled herself helping with kitten food, Thanks once again.

Thank you Diane from beutybox.co.uk for the donation of so many goodies and food as well as monetary through products sold.

Thank you to Cheryl for donating some kitten biscuits which her cat wouldn't eat.

Thank you to all who have donated food for the ferals, they sure enjoy their dinner and the young ones are looking so much better even after just a week of feeds, 8 neutered so far anf at least same again to be done this next week, a couple of mother cats we are watching to try locate kittens before we trap neuter return or relocate. Thank You Mavis for helping feeding.
Photo: Thank you to all who have donated food for the ferals, they sure enjoy their dinner and the young ones are looking so much better even after just a week of feeds, 8 neutered so far anf at least same again to be done this next week, a couple of mother cats we are watching to try locate kittens before we trap neuter return or relocate.

Thank you Barbara Bates and Ruth Ockenden Laycock for the food donated and also for collecting food, bedding and goodies for us, its greatly appreciated!

Many thanks to Yvonne Hope for the Dog cage which is a great help for short holding pen for kittens or ferals.

19/10/2012 Another thank you to Jane this time for the veritable tower of food for ferals.Photo: Another thank you to Jane this time for the veritable tower of food for ferals.
Thank you to Diane and Jeff Hall for the 96 tins of food for ferals too, you people are amazing and this support means we can help even more feral cats.
you people are amazing and this support means we can help even more feral cats.

Thank you to Diane and Jeff Hall for the donated items and for 96 tins of food for ferals.

16/10/2012 A huge thank you to Jane one of our regular supporters who once again has donated lots of goodies for the cats, food, treats, food bowls, litter scoops, litters trays, toys, food forks, and cosy bedding, greatly appreciate all the help she gives us!!

thank you Joanne Petty for the cat tent and tunnel and the tubes of manuka honey dropped off at Julies, much appreciated.

Another HUGE THANKS to Jane our regular supporter who this time has bought us vetbed, food, treats, litter trays, bowls and toys!

25/9/12 Thank you Angela Smith for the jumbo pack of Felix pouches, much appreciated!

Thank you so much Dianne from http://www.beautyboxx.co.uk/for donation its greatly appreciated.

Thank you to Tommy Thornton for donation left at Shildon Funeralcare via Barbara Bates.

12/9/2012 Thank you for £10 Donation by Amanda on our just giving page, also £5 from Julia.

Many Thanks to Jerry Scott for donation in memory of his Aunty Lucie Wood

Once again a huge THANK YOU to regular supporter Jane and now her son for the gifts of food, litter trays, food bowls, toys, treats and bedding, where would we be without you. Very greatly appreciated.

8/9/2012 Thank you Angela for the gift of 48 sachets of Whiskas from our wishlist this is a great help and very appreciated.

7/9/2012 Thank you Dianne Hall for Donation.

Thank You  for funds transfer greatly appreciated by all at our branch, cats especially! .

Many thanks to whoever sent us the vetbed, very comfy cats appreciate it!

Thank You Claire Hunter for the James Wellbeloved kitten food !

31/8/2012 Thank you Becky from Pets at Home for the medical grade manuka honey from our wishlist.

28/8/2012 Many Thanks Angela from Newton Aycliffe for the bumper box of Felix sachets , greatly appreciated.

BIG thank you to the people who left cat bedding and food at Shildon Funeralcare, also thanks to Barbara and Funeralcare for allowing this.

24/8/ 2012 Thank you for the pack of Advantage flea treatment form our wishlist, whoever you are we are very grateful!

24/8/ 2012 Thank you very much Dianne Hall, Keith, Norma and Joyce for the load of cat food donated yesterday which is a great help feeding all the hungry mouths we have just now. Greatly Appreciated!

23/8/2012 BIG THANK YOU to Carol for the 48 sachets kitten food and the 18 tins Encore, kittens love these!

23/8/2012 Thank you so much to whoever bought us the Col-Late Lifeline For Kittens from our wishlist, no info stating who its from but its a real boost so thank you very much.

22/8/2012 Thank You Gaz Hunter for the Nutri-plus Gel which arrived today, greatly appreciated. from our Wishlist http://www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/1JRL1YP6TURPL

21/8/2012 A huge Thank you to our regular supporter Jane for all her gifts of food over the years and especially for donations yesterday which included, food, treats (kittens running round with whiskas sticks in their mouth as I type) and two fabulous luxurious beds as well as monetary donation. really appreciated!

21/8/2012 Thank you Jayne for dropping at Julies a few days ago boxes of whiskers kitten food and kitten biscuits.
Photo: Thank you Jane for dropping at Julies a few days ago boxes of whiskers kitten food and kitten biscuits.

20/8/2012 Thanks you so much Mavis for the 96 sachets of kittens food, the hungry little mouths in our care appreciate it too xx

17/8/2012 Thank you so much James for the donation from our wishlist of 96 sachets of kitten food, this literally brought tears to my eyes as we have had such a rough week and are so glad of people like you helping us. Greatly Appreciated !!

Many thanks to friends and family of the late Mrs C Horner who donated in lieu of flowers to cats protection, also thanks to Seaton Leng funeral directors for forwarding on to us. Much appreciated .

Many thanks to Barbara Bates who already raised £200 from her sponsored walk in May and now her employers Coop Funeralcare have topped it up with another £100!!

24/7/2012 Many Thank James for the flea tablets which arrived today!!

23/7/12 Thank you so much for the lovely scratch post which arrived this morning from our wishlist, Big thanks also for Pancur wormer arrived too .

19/7/2012 Thanks Cheryl for the gifts from our wishlist, lovely cosy bed for some lucky kitty, much appreciated.!

Thank You for the Donation via Malcolm Rennison from Mrs Chapman.

18/7/2012 Thank you so much for the gifts which arrived from our wishlist today, received: blanket, vet bed, frontline, litter tray. Silke Grace i know you were a contributor to some for these so thank you !!
12/7/2012 Many Thanks James for the drontal wormer which arrived this morning, greatly appreciated.
10/7/2012 Huge Thank You for the Panacur paste wormer which arrived this morning from our wishlist, really appreciated and well used :-)
9/7/2012 Thank You so much for the thrive cat food and Frontline drops which arrived today from our wishlist, greatly appreciated.
6/7/2012 many thanks for the panacur paste which arrived today from our wishlist, really appreciated as most of our intakes arrive with parasites :-(
4/7/2012 Thank You so much for the food maze and panacur sent from our wishlist, doesn't say who from but we are really grateful and more so are the cats and kittens :-)

Many Thank to Carol McArthur for the present from our wishlist, collected scratching post from post office this morning, greatly appreciated !

Thank you for contributions to our tombola, Meal voucher from Seasons Restaurant in Darlington & fudge from Velvet Heaven in Richmond. 

26/6/2012 A lovely suprise delivery from our wishlist this morning, THANK YOU so much to those who donated, Drontal worm tablets which, Applaws food and the lovely cat maze game food dispenser toy. greatly appreciated!!

23/6/2012 Another wishlist parcel arrived, thank you for the play cube !! some very lucky kittys are going to enjoy this :-)

Many thanks to Abby and her human mom Lynn Briggs for the gift from our Amazon wishlist, cat food just arrived, really appreciated !! http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/registry/1JRL1YP6TURPL/ref=cm_sw_em_r_ws_yrLTpb1F6N21A_wb

A big THANK YOU to Rebecca Webster and all who sponsored her on her 5km run on 16th June, Rebecca raised £70 for our branch, well done Rebecca!

Many thanks to Christine Beasley and to the Cardwell family for donating boxes of kitten food.

BIG Thanks for donation received from Pictures of Cats -online cat encyclopedia much apreciated. http://www.pictures-of-cats.org/

Many thanks to Dusky and Marty forever adopters for the lovely play tunnel , i know some very happy kittens which will enjoy it :-)

Thank You Beauty Box have done a listing of products allocating 10 lip glosses to our branch and their other supported charity which retail for £10 each. please support! http://www.beautyboxx.co.uk/shop/jelly-pong-pong-lip-frosting-help-a-charity.html

A HUGE thanks to Barbara Bates from CO-OP Funeralcare Shildon for doing sponsored walk and raising over £200 well done !!

Many Thanks to Lynn and Mavis who donated toward Billy the kittens vet costs its much appreciated also thanks To Yvonne for fostering Billy and his sister Leah.

Thanks to Yvonne Hope for the £200 raised doing a tombola. 

Thanks to everyone who has sponsored Barbara Bates in her sponsored walk.

Thank you for the £100 donation received from The Gunfighters Big 'D' Country & Western Club Darlington 

This is by no means a complete list and if we missed your name off please accept my apologies and feel free to remind me catwomanmaz@gmail.com and I will include as I will be keeping this list regularly updated.

Cats Protection Wear Valley & Darlington Branch would like to thank the generous people of Shildon and surrounding areas for their gifts of bedding in response to the appeal made by Barbara Bates, a special
Thank you also to Barbara and The Co-operative Funeralcare Church St Shildon.
Last year our branch helped over 200 cats in the area to better futures and hundreds more were neutered with vouchers towards the cost provided by us, it is only with the help of the public and kind people like Barbara we are able to do this as all funds are raised locally and spent locally.

Thank you:
We now have a food collecting box in the CO-OP at Crook, many thanks to Rosie new mom Yvonne, so if you are in that area please think of donating a meal for a hungry cat! Thanks =^..^=
Also a BIG THANK you to Yvonne for her amazing fundraising tombola which so far raised £178 so if you work with Yvone and contribute a thanks to you too   =^..^=

Thank you Clare and Ian for donation In memory of Steven Ralph Midgley

A big Thank You to Chapelhouse Persian & Pedigree Cat Rescue for assistance re homing some of the pedigree cats on our waiting list. http://www.chapelhouse-persians.co.uk/

Dianne Hall for donating towards neutering costs of feral colony.

Ravensworth School Trust -donation

Donna Mulley - cat food

Barbara Bates - cat food

Ruth Ockendon Laycock - cat food

Karen Thompson -cat food, cat beds, cat box

Susan Greenacre for regular standing order donations 

Sarah Lister - donation 

Valerie Taylor - Jewellery 

Mr & Mrs Barron from Darlington for donations 

Mrs C Constance from Bishop Auckland for donations

Mrs B Stout from Evenwood for regular standing order donations 

D White from Etherley for regular standing order donations

Mrs E Sandell form Etherley for always supporting us and donations

J Higgingbottom for donations

E K Chapman for donation

Jayne from Byerley Rd Shildon for her regular cat food donations 

D & J Oliver for donation 

Mavis Holroyd for regular support food donations and monetary.

Lynn Biggs cat food, tokens and goods

Andrea Murray for saleable items.

Mr Pinkney for donation

M Vincent for donation

E A Edwards car boot sale donation

Dent for donation

JK Chapman donations
To all anonymous donations Thank You !

To all those who leave cat food, bedding, towels and sundries at our fosterers Thank You!

To all those that have sent their print cartridges to recycle for charity

To all that retweet or repost on facebook our cats needing homes and lost and found cats Thank You.

Of course we would also like to Thank everyone who has adopted a cat or kitten from us and enabled it to have a fresh start and new life. 

As Coordinator may I also say a Big Thank You to our willing Volunteers !!